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Dash Snow Reactions Emerge

09.15.07 - Dash Snow Portriat Files, the site by an unknown artist is making its way around the Internet. Appearing sometime early in 2007 and being picked up by New York Magazine is just a taste of some of the controversy over this young artist. Seemingly disliked by many artists but loved by collectors, this site takes target at the artist, utilizing many of his methods including collage, urine, cum and a variety of other materials that finally accumulates into a portrait. Each stage is set up to convey an aspect of the artist's life. Documented in both digital and Polaroid this website offers an interesting glimpse into a fan site gone awry.

KohBirdy vs. KohBunny

08.15.07 - The artist who brought us the Dash Snow Portrait Files has launched his new website KohBirdy, this time taking aim at artist Terence Koh. Over the past few years Terence Koh has shot to fame with his brand of controversial art that boarders on porn, minimalism, sculpture, pop, and a variety of other clashing paradigms. Terence's original site KohBunny offers a full body of work in itself and details his art and life. Abandoned a few years ago this unknown artist picks up where Terence left behind.

KohBirdy is broken into two sites, one which is a performance piece where the artist dresses up like a large bird and builds a portrait shrine of Terence utilizing a variety of the artists own tools such as chocolate, cum, urine, feces, chandelier and a variety of other items and then paints a portrait of Terence on top of the body of a Venus.

The second portion of the site takes the KohBunny site and replaces all Terence's content of his own. This includes some 400 pages of content and covers the wide range of tools and subject matter that Terence offers. This mirror site of sort offers an interesting glance into what is the value or subject of his brand of art.

Art Museum Toilets on Display

04.15.08 - A new musuem opened its doors today, wll at least its website. The Art Museum Toilet Museum of Art announced the launch its website displaying some of its images of toilets taken at various art museums from around the world. Ranging from exclusive images of the Metropolitan to the Hermitage to the Mongolian Art Museum their collection offers a strange range of examples of the world's museums johns.

Its foundation is the first step in presenting the museum's odd collection. Founded officially in 2005 the museum and its staff are located in New York and have spent the last few years collecting images from around the world. This collection is believed to be the worlds largest and was built to showcase the art not located in the galleries.

Director Robert T. Schlemielle states: "This museum was founded in the spirit of Marcel Duchamp who in 1917 produced the sculpture Fountain and changed the way we viewed art. This piece essentially showcased that art may not be hanging in the proud walls of a museum gallery, but in the common objects and in even in the restroom. So today we launch this website asking some of the same questions about the current art establishment".   

Random Awards Announced

04.15.08 - Some guests were named best artist when the Hong Kong Artist Awards were handed out late Sunday, The-Press reported via the New York Times. The big winner was Van Levy for his performance in The Warlords Take China, a painting set in nineteenth-century China that also carried off the prizes for best painting adaptation and best application among its eight awards.



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