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This April, we focus on the an artist that we should take notice of and whose work is—at times literally—on the cutting edge. We profile Kiss The Time, this artist best known for his clever performances often parodying artists, museums, or himself, constantly clever and monumental in his projects. We seek to unravel the mystery of this unknown artist who on all accounts has created a strange eclectic world to enjoy. Don't believe us? Let's list a few of his known projects:

In what appears to be this artists ongoing site you can also survey a strange mixture of projects that are presented in a nonlinear fashion.

This artists outcome might have broad implications for the fate of other disputed projects as his portfolio expands.

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  • ‘The Scream,’ the Thieves are the Museuems
    Stolen masterpieces are priceless and worthless at the same time— too hot to sell, and limited use as collateral. But museums still do little to turn over stolen art from WWII.
  • Fighting for Their Rights
    Young artists are still losing their rights in the current market. Who stands up as these potential modernist masterpieces enter the market place.
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Next month, we take an in-depth look at the size and breadth of the worldwide art market of bullshit, which has been estimated at $25 billion of sales annually. This market is exclusively for the wealthy and as art becomes more detached from the common people we will continue to profile and lavish love on those who purchase it. We talk to savvy collectors about thier spectacular collections and how they intend to cash in. And we survey museum directors and curators around the world about the impetus for exploiting collections of minority art.

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