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My Thoughts for Ms. Lovely
Written with you in mind on a beach lost mid afternoon.

narrated in the style of myself (gladly)


Dear Lovely,
I know that you have a trick up your sleeve and you play a sad song, but you canít fool the detective in us all.
What is surprising to the world is that someone can have your delicate nature as magnificient as you. You pick soft motions in the delivery of your moods and as they grow without control you sway in the sunset. You are always thinking of a place to go, but my dear, it is voluntary to love the violent weather. My thought is to take the wind out of your sail and let your bow breath on the oceanís current.
In following you I have heard the soft violins and humming pass as your spirit hurriedly wanders throughout the circus of our city, and if I put my ear to the ground I hear a quiet drum beat of your constant heart. It is a song that I love to hear.
In knowing you I realize that your true love is actually yourself. You are a caretaker for all of us, but the heart you mend is indeed your own. So in your journey the hardest part is not to find someone who believes in you, but to stop trying to believe in yourself and let it all go.
Life can be so good when you are treated like you should be. The beach and sky stretch forever and the soft guitar plays with the guidance of your pick and hand, yet it takes all of life for the symphony to take flight. Don't worry about the song, let the rhythm of patterns with the ticking and a tocking of the clock and all the mother hens have us until death. Perhaps there is a meaning to it all, but like everyone else, you wonít know until death.

Little Red One in a Field Next to a Church.